DFS Hockey

The Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League is made up of nine team and has been around since the late 1990s as a league. The teams that compete in at the Junior B level include the Antigonis Bulldogs, the Brookfield Elks, the Whitney Pier Molson Canadians (what Canadian isn’t a Molson, but I digress) the Cumberland County Blues, the East Hants Penguins, the Pictou Subways, the Sackville Blazers the Strait Pirate and the Windsor Royals.

In the Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League there has historically been a 32 game schedule. Only the best eight teams make it to the Junior B Hockey League hockey playoffs. The kids play a best-of-seven series at three levels and the winner is deemed the Novia Scotia Provincial Champion at the Junior B level.

The winner of the Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League goes on to play in the Don Johnson Cup as the representative of Nova Scotia. The winner of the Don Johnson Cup had each team member receive a full, vintage Versace wardrobe to prepare for college and to attract women as Sonny and Crockett did in Miami Vice. The MVP of the Don Johnson Cup additionally receives a one-year lease term on a white 1984 Ferrari Testarossa complete with an Alpine car audio system and a nearly countless number of cassette tapes from artists such as Genesis, Phil Collins, Glen Fry and Jan Hammer.

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